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elbow hole
elbow hole
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19 May 2020
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We are Wholesale Iron elbow pit / elbow rack / elbow perforated / Slotted Angle, Elbow hole we have maximum strength and has been proven in various perusahaan2 large, we sell retail (but still have per pack) and also wholesale, excellence of our products has been not in doubt, use finishing Powder Coating, ie powder coating paint without solvent. The advantages of the Powder Coating covers several aspects in quality, economic, and ecological: 1. The thickness of the powder coating paint a minimum of 60 s / d 80 microns. 2. Resistance 2 to 3 times more resistant to corrosion than similar products using the wet paint. 3. More resistant to chemicals. 4. Friendly to the environment. We only sell Iron elbow pit / angled shelf (Slotted Angle) Only, No selling Plate Iron (Steel Shelving) or shelves, Because of the high iron shelves ranged 95rb ~ 200rb / pcs (Comparison: +/- 9mmX1.22mtrX1.44mtr size plywood Rp.100rb, iron plate 0.45m x 1M x 1mm = Rp. 145,000 With the bone anchoring 1) Elbow hole for household and industry available sizes thick and standards, specifications are as follows: 3.6cm X 3.6cm X 1.8mm X 3meter (Standard and Top Seller ... "" VERY IN SUGGEST "") 3.6cm X 3.6cm X 1mm X 3meter (Elbow hole Thin, Not In Suggest) 3.6cm X 3.6cm X 2mm X 3meter. 4cm x 4cm x 2mm x 3meter. 4cm x 6cm x 2mm x 3meter (Superrrrrrrr And Top Seller) Each Content 10 cigarettes per pack, 1 Pack Minimal retrieval, in one pack is getting Murbaut 60pcs and 20pcs triangular plate.

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